Functional Service Provider

On-budget projects, on-quality clinical expertise and on-time trials, on behalf of Sponsors, Major Pharmaceutical players, Biotechs and MedTechs.

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A High-Performance FSP Model

We are an experienced and resilient CRO serving as a partner, not as a vendor. Our FSP model provides clients with added value such as increased flexibility, consistency and proven experience that reduce time and costs without compromising scientific/medical data integrity and quality.

With three different solution models and a wide range of therapeutic area expertise and geographical scope, Excelya can guarantee its clients an SLA that is tailored to their project.

excelya FSP

We deliver for major European companies in the pharmaceutical space every day:

  • Best cost location
  • Scalability
  • On-demand availability for additional work
  • On-time deliverables
  • High calibre of quality and compliance metrics
  • Experienced staff
  • Teams management by Excelya
  • Management of fluctuations in resource needs
  • Effective Governance

A Functional Service Provider is a supplier of outsourced Research and Development functions, be that the onboarding of a few experts all the way up to a fully-fledged department. In the world of life sciences and pharmaceuticals, this way of working has become increasingly popular as companies see the benefit in contracting out their clinical trials operations more and more.

Utilizing a Functional Service Provider (FSP) model allows you to fully optimize your clinical R&D. By using a Contract Research Organization (CRO), you can easily and efficiently tap into established functional expertise, tech solutions and resource management.

So why do corporations opt to do this? Well, since clinical trials are not an ‘always on’ function for every pharma and medical device company, it is something that they need to be able to scale up or down depending on their drug R&D requirements. As such, rather than creating a burdensome fluctuating staffing issue, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) have grown in popularity to fulfil this need efficiently and cost-effectively.

It is a huge commitment and expense for pharmaceutical and medical device companies to invest in in-house R&D teams and resources, as well as continue to advance in drug development and other business projects. Employing experts on a full-time basis is expensive and resource-heavy, especially when their role is not in constant need by the sponsor. By onboarding using an FSP model, you only pay for the specific clinical services, tools, assets and timelines that you need.

Some of the benefits of taking advantage of a FSP outsourcing model can include:

  • Ability to scale resources as needed
  • Convert fixed labor costs into variable costs
  • Increased operational flexibility, while maintaining stability
  • The ability to respond rapidly to any new requirements
  • Access to new skills and expertise
  • Focus your internal teams on their own core roles and priorities
  • Access to new innovations and technological advances
  • More efficient clinical development activities
  • Ability to tap into existing resources
  • Instant access to expertise and a trained, knowledgeable workforce
  • Decreased physical overheads
  • Access to new markets, local expertise and geographies

A Functional Service Provider enables pharma companies to convert their burdensome fixed costs into adaptable and scalable costs, mitigating risk without sacrificing on the quality of deliverables. On the contrary, using an FSP model often increases quality output due to the exposure to highly-specialized experts.

Functional Service Provision differs from a Full Service division, as instead of the entire clinical trial being managed and operated by the CRO, single or multiple therapeutic areas and/or operational capabilities are managed as more of a bolt-on to the sponsor’s existing team.

Thanks to our three different solution types, Full Service, Function Service Providing and Consulting, Excelya can provide exactly what your company need in order to achieve your objectives, allowing you to optimize on resources and keep costs down.

Excelya’s FSP services capabilities include:

  • Clinical Operations
  • Global Data Operations
  • eTMF
  • Medical Writing and Publishing
  • Medical Affairs and Monitoring
  • Pharmacovigilance and Safety
  • QA
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Statistics and Programming
  • Strategic Development and Governance
  • Vendor Management

Excelya offer a high-performance FSP model which enables you to scale your clinical trial operations as required, resulting in enhanced processes, accelerate timelines and faster results. This allows you to obtain your objectives and get your drug or medical device to-market, sooner.