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Expect flexibility and excellence, on time and on budget

Partnering with Excelya as a Functional Service Provider means relying on us to strive for efficiency and scale expert talent to deliver high-quality results.

Stay flexible with Excelya’s high-performance FSP model

Partnering with Excelya means tapping into our people’s expertise, our tech solutions, and operational knowhow, when you need them.

Choose what you outsource: our Functional Service Provider (FSP) model covers everything from the onboarding of a few experts all the way to outsourcing a full department. This approach gives you more flexibility, consistency and experience, reducing your costs while maintaining high data integrity and quality.

excelya FSP

Clinical trials require flexibility; FSP is the solution

In-house R&D teams and resources for drug development are a huge commitment, expense, and risk for companies. Clinical trials are not constant for every company, needs fluctuate and teams must scale up and down.

Using an FSP model, you only pay for the specific clinical services, tools, assets, and timelines you need. With Excelya’s FSP model, you can:

  • Scale resources as needed, tap into existing resources, and source new ones
  • Convert fixed labor costs into variable costs and decrease physical overheads
  • Choose from FTE or unit based delivery models
  • Increase operational flexibility while maintaining stability
  • Access new skills and expertise, innovations, and technological advances
  • Make clinical development activities more efficient
  • Access new markets, local expertise, and geographies

Get flexible with Excelya’s FSP

Access excellence across functional capabilities

Choosing Excelya’s FSP model gives you access to our core Centers of Excellence in Medical Writing, Data Management, Statistics & Programming, Pharmacovigilance, eTMF Implementation, and Clinical Operations.

You benefit from expertise across the full range of our capabilities; together, we build an approach that maintains your flexibility and meets your needs.

Every day, we support major pharma and biotech companies with management of teams and resources, experienced staff and effective governance, and high-caliber quality and compliance metrics.

Excelya full service

Excelya’s FSP Centers of Excellence

  • Clinical Operations
  • Data Management
  • Statistics & Programming
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Medical Writing
  • eTMF Implementation
  • Additional Capabilities

Get your treatment to market, sooner

The flexibility Excelya’s FSP model provides lets you scale up and down fast. Our tailor-made projects can be designed to meet your critical needs, from as few as just three full-time team members (FTE) to 100+ FTE.

With this high-performance FSP model, you can enhance processes, accelerate timelines and get results faster. It reduces costs and, critically, the time it takes to build your team.

Ultimately, you can get your drug or medical device to market, sooner.

Are you ready to accelerate?

Work with our global team

Using an FSP model can increase your quality output due to your exposure and access to highly specialized experts.

Our international team of experts is located in Europe, the USA and India, with local teams across 28 countries. This means you get local as well as global expertise.

Having Excelya people around the world also means you can choose onshore, offshore and near shore hubs to scale and optimize costs.

Meet your new team