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Let’s get your treatment to patients in need

Inflammation and immunological diseases significantly affect people’s lives. Apply Excelya’s experience of 55 clinical trials in this area and advance your intervention.

Inflammation and immunology

Inflammation is a vital part of our natural immune response, helping protect our bodies from the effects of pathogens and other harmful stimuli. But the immune system, including the inflammation response, can itself cause damage.

Inflammation and immunology-related diseases all have a similar underlying mechanism, but they can affect various systems in the body. For example, they can be dermatological (e.g. psoriasis), respiratory (e.g. asthma), gastrointestinal (e.g. ulcerative colitis) or joint-related (rheumatoid arthritis).

These diseases can significantly affect people’s lives – and clinical trials are an important step towards treating them.

We can help you take that step. At Excelya, we have extensive experience across 55 inflammation and immunology clinical trials, particularly in chronic diseases. Our experts apply their knowledge to make sure yours progresses smoothly, so you can help the patients who need your treatment faster.

How can we support your inflammation or immunology trial?

Our experience is your key to success

Experience matters, and at Excelya we apply the knowledge we have built directly to every trial we work on. Over the last three years, our talent pool of over 900 experts have managed 55 immunology and inflammation clinical studies.

These trials provided us actionable experience, not just across phases but also geographic location and size. The 55 trials spanned 14 countries in total, and they ranged from 1 to 65 sites, with between 10 and 1,000 participants.

Apply our experience

Speaking your participants’ language

When you aim to help people living with an inflammation or immunology-related condition, they must have a voice. We believe building strong, transparent, and compassionate relationships is the only way to uncover people’s and businesses’ true needs – and this includes your trial participants.

We always put people first, and this starts before recruitment. We work with patient associations to connect effectively, and we build strong relationships with trial sites to help you get started. Our links to different site networks are a key aspect of our recruitment approach, helping you find, engage and retain the participants you need.

We recognize that people are individuals, and they may have specific needs depending on the condition they are living with. Due to the nature of the diseases and the trials, these patients often have to respond to multiple questionnaires; managing this process well is an important part of participant engagement.

Excelya Study Project Managers, scientific and medical experts have managed clinical trials targeting many conditions.

Putting your participants first

Our approach to your clinical trial

Our collaborative one-team approach brings together our experience and expertise in managing inflammation and immunology trials with your in-depth knowledge of your intervention. Our experts will strive for excellence, delivering high-quality, reliable work that accelerates your progress.

Benefit from collaboration. We build links with the people and organizations that can help you succeed, from regulatory bodies to patient associations and clinics.

Use our knowledge to your advantage. We understand the field you’re working in; we are familiar with your target disease and we know how to reach the right patients.

Exceed your targets. When we work together, we take on your goals – and share responsibility for achieving them.

We can support your trial with:

  • Patient centricity – we always put people first
  • Patient recruitment – we understand their needs as well as yours
  • Guaranteed secure pathology diagnosis – we have rigorous quality controls in place
  • Biological follow-up – our experts manage the process
  • Biostatistics and biomarker expertise – we can help you with the specifics

How we can support your inflammation or immunology trial

Whatever your support needs, we have the right solution. Whether you need full-service support from trial design through to data analysis, or more targeted support for regulatory submission or medical writing, Excelya’s talent pool of over 900 experts are ready to help.