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Global scope, local teams

Excelya is headquartered in Europe, with global reach via its network of local representative affiliates and experts in 28 countries, closest to the finest sites of excellence and local Authorities to be best positioned for meeting deadlines and enrolment milestones.

Excelya is a unique CRO providing customized service for its clients offering a consistently superior level of quality level as well as Full-Service Solutions and Research.

Established global reach to help you get started faster

Excelya have established connections with the best clinical and therapeutic research facilities across Europe and beyond. Our approach to projects is fully flexible and tailored to each customer’s needs, coupled with the power to unlock access to our unrivalled experience and know-how, as well as to the most appropriate patients thanks to our extensive network of sites and working connections with investigators.

Or expertise spans a variety of projects, clients, and therapeutic areas, and covers a global scale. We have physical offices in 28 countries, but thanks to our partners and connections with local teams we are able to operate on an international scale. We strive to create synergies and optimizations across our network of local teams. This strikes a balance between our highly-intentional and attentive approach to client relationships, and global reach. In short, we are the ‘right-sized’ option both in terms of availability, scale and cost.

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Work with our global team

Whether you need an FSP model CRO, or Full Service or Resourcing, we have the right solution to suit your business needs. Whatever the scale, we will be able to supply the infrastructure and the highly specialized experts that you need in order to achieve success.

Our international team of experts is located in Europe, the USA and India, across 28 countries. This means you get local as well as global expertise.

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