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A unique end-to-end model, including fully comprehensive expertise, locally and internationally.

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Excelya is the only independent European CRO focused on its teams and clients, backed by the best clinical trials and therapeutic research facilities in Europe. Our mission is to provide on-time, on-budget and on-quality trials delivered by our clinical and therapeutic experts operating within a mature organization driven by our DNA of excellence.

EXCELYA works for Pharmaceutical Companies and Biotechs on some of the most innovative drug candidates (including. gene therapy) and disruptive drug delivery technology. We have also been working for MedTechs, Big Pharma and Biotechs in their Medical Device development program and In-Vitro Diagnostic Devices.

EXCELYA covers Europe with a network of local representative affiliates and experts in 24 countries, closest to the finest sites of excellence and local Authorities to be best positioned for meeting deadlines and enrolment milestones.

EXCELYA is a unique CRO providing customized service for its clients offering a consistently superior level of quality level as well as Full-Service Solutions and Research.

A Full Service relationship with Excelya gives our clients peace of mind. By managing one single trusted provider, they are able to have their clinical trial fully outsourced to and managed by us. This allows them to invest minimal time and resources in the project management and operational aspects of their clinical trials. They simply need to contact their Excelya Key Account Manager, who deals with all the reporting and communication for their entire trial.

Having one sole point of contact throughout the entirety of the project enables our clients to save time, money and other resources. The Excelya team are fully collaborative, and take care of all the operational stages of your clinical trial so that you don’t have to. Our knowledge, people power and expertise is at your disposal and can be scaled up and down as required throughout your clinical trial’s lifespan.

We are headquartered in France with an operational scope across 24 countries. We have long-established proficiency in therapeutic areas such as Data Management, Medical Writing and Publishing, Pharmacovigilance and Safety, Statistics and Programming, Regulatory Affairs and beyond. By tapping into Excelya’s global resources, our clients can gain access to a uniquely scalable and customizable service offering, where their clinical trial operations are tailored to their exact needs. As well as saving on costs, this streamlined and lean Full Service process prevents miscommunications and errors occurring due to complex communication strains between multiple service providers.

Excelya offer a Full Service model, with a breadth of operational experience. We do not compromise on our high caliber of expertise and specialty knowledge in all of our therapeutic areas. We recruit and nurture best-in-class talent who work on a project-by-project basis, but grow with and stay with Excelya for the long term. This results in a team of empowered, knowledge-rich, and specialized personnel. We have a team of over 800 experts, who have a track record of delivering clinical trial outcomes safely, on time and on budget.

With a history or supporting clinical trials from Phase 1 up until the post-marketing phase, our teams have excelled in delivering Full Service CRO capabilities to clients around the world. Excelya have outstanding auditing results and offer the highest quality, accuracy and performance standards.

Our clients continue to choose Excelya as their chosen Full Service Contract Research Organization, not only because of our skill, knowledge and track record, but for our collaborative, innovative and fully-integrated approach.

We believe that our team – who by association will become an extension of our clients’ teams – are by far our greatest asset, and our dedicated HR and talent management teams constantly strive to grow and nurture this precious world-class asset.