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One Stop Provider

Excelya. Excelling with care.

Excelya stands apart from other clinical development companies working for healthcare businesses. We provide R&D players with full-service offers within a cooperative framework. Our clients can depend on the highest degree of involvement to guarantee the excellence they need.

Our customized solutions perfectly match the scope and specificity of our clients’ research projects. We galvanise the finest scientific and human skills to be found in the clinical, biometric, regulatory, medical writing, data science and pharmacovigilance fields.

Our approach is centred on understanding our clients’ needs and a capacity for initiative driven by efficiency, in addition to perfect operational, scientific and regulatory precision. We actively cultivate this professional and human mindset within our 900+ strong team force. All our team members are trained to invest their work with their best in personality and commitment.

It is this superior degree of involvement that can achieve genuine advances in healthcare. Our ability to deliver on this promise explains why Excelya was able to grow so quickly, becoming the leading independent CRO in Europe and now operating globally.

Personal Science

To our clients

We bring the finest scientific and human skills to our clients, so that they can drive the development of their projects in the fields of clinical operations, biometrics, regulatory affairs, medical writing, data science, pharmacovigilance and more.

Striving to excel means fully engaging with them and their projects, whatever the challenge, whatever the field:

  • By appropriating their challenges: we establish the conditions for a relationship based upon trust and immediacy, working in a fluid, clear and collaborative framework.
  • By building our solutions: a global and comprehensive response, challenging demand and exploring the most effective possibilities.
  • By providing customised talents: we create a joint culture of initiative, application and expertise.
  • By benefitting from our methods’ flexibility: we fully adapt to each project’s configuration to bring individualised support that meets our clients’ needs.
Encouraging who you are

To our teams

Our team members experience their careers as part of a young and ambitious healthcare company which has established itself as a leader in the world of clinical research. Excelya have built connections with scientific, managerial and human experts who will contribute to improve the patient journey.

Striving to excel means benefitting from a professional environment that encourages personal, intellectual and operational involvement, so that we can provide the best together. We expect each team member to actively contribute, test and, not just perform, but go the extra mile. Working at Excelya means having the resources to express your natural talents and the ability to add the entire spectrum of your personality to our participatory company.


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