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Our experts help you fight infectious disease outbreaks by reducing time from discovery to market

This decade has shown testament to the importance of fast and reactive scientific response to disease outbreak and emergence. Coronavirus demonstrated to the world the risk that disease and pandemics present to humanity. 

Excelya have been part of the effort against COVID-19, as we have taken part in 16 studies related to the disease. This significant experience provides us with a unique advantage in conducting COVID-19 trials and infectious disease drug and treatment development. 

Proven Results and Efficacy in Infectious Disease & Vaccines Studies

  • 42 Infectious Disease trials managed within the last 3 years, including:
      • 16 COVID-19 trials
      • 12 bacterial infection trials including pneumonia / community acquired pneumonia​
  • The number of sites varies from 1 to 80 and the number of patients from 10 to over 800​
  • Coverage across Western and Eastern Europe across phases I – IV