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A highly skilled full-service CRO

Due to aging populations and lifestyle changes predisposing to disease, cancers remain one on the main causes of fatalities and will continue at an estimated annual rate of 10% until 2030.

This is why research in the fields of oncology and haematology demand high degrees of reliability and speed to help sponsors reduce lead time before new drugs or devices can be launched. Excelya is a highly skilled and renowned CRO in these areas.

We ensure our sponsors benefit from the best methods and teams to proceed with studies matching their specific culture and expectations, while maintaining the focus on individual patients’ needs.

We cover a broad range of fields, including immuno-oncology, cellular therapies, gene therapies, etc.

Reducing time from discovery to market

We deliver full-service clinical research by managing every stage, respecting your goals, timelines and specific culture:

Clinical Trial Strategy

  • Trial design and protocol
  • Regulatory submissions
  • KOL / patient recruitment


  • Phase IV / NIS non interventional studies/ IS
  • Real-World Evidence (RWE) studies
  • Commercial optimization


Building the relevant network and team

Time and accuracy are key in oncology and haematology, which is why we developed a worldwide network of experts and investigators to leverage trials carried out by top international expert boards.
Our teams develop flexible approaches and adaptive methods to get as much information as possible from each trial in the shortest possible timeframe to obtain a high quality, high reliability result.