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Let's support cancer care together

As the second leading cause of death, cancer is a major focus in health research – and for us. Benefit from Excelya’s experience of 170+ Oncology and Hematology trials.

Supporting cancer care requires reliability and speed

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer caused an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018 – one in six deaths.

To support cancer care, research in Oncology and Hematology needs to be reliable and fast. We understand that, as a sponsor, you want to reduce your lead time to get new drugs and devices to market.

We can help you do that. At Excelya, we put our best experts to work using the best methods that meet your needs as well as those of the patients you aim to help.

With extensive experience, deep knowledge and an understanding of how to connect with your patients, we can collaborate to achieve your ambitions.

Apply our extensive experience

When you work with Excelya, you can tap into our extensive experience in Oncology and Hematology. Since 2014, we have been involved in more than 170 Oncology studies, across a range of therapies, cancer types and complex study designs. We tap into this experience in every project.

Our talent pool includes people with the medical, scientific, and operational expertise that match the needs of your oncology trial.

With over 80% of our Project Management and Clinical teams having Oncology experience, our expert medical team includes six oncology MDs.

We understand the operational and logistical challenges involved in conducting oncology trials.

How can we support your oncology trial?

Early phase oncology

In early phase research, every patient, every data point, and every sample shipment is important for the study to succeed. Our close relationships with the right sites are therefore key, and we focus on patient safety and data accuracy. Early phase oncology trials have adaptive designs with many decision points; sponsors need clean data for safety review and strategic decision making.

Our CRAs and Data Operations team work hand-in-hand with site to minimize the query backlog and improve data accuracy to ensure we deliver on time.

Phase II and III trials

In later trial phases, logistics scale up: there are multiple vendors for labs, more patients are involved, and imaging endpoints, genomic testing, sample management and shipping all become more complex.

Increasing competition makes patient diversity and inclusion even more important. We have the tools you need to engage, recruit and retain patients as trial participants. Site relationships are also vital, and we work closely with community clinics and site networks.

Immunotherapy (e.g. CART) and stem cell transplants

Trials involving immunotherapy (such as CART) or stem cell transplants often involve added complexities, such as coordinating between patient visits, assessments, apheresis, and cell manufacturing.

The study’s success depends on a variety of factors, from genomic testing and screening patients for rare cancer markers and developing biomarkers to shipping and storing IMP and samples.

Together, we design a trial that meets your expectations, fits your culture and focuses on your patients’ needs. Our unique, flexible approach means we can optimize support and reduce the time it takes you to move from discovery to market. And with our scientific and medical experience, you can rely on our quality and accuracy.

We can manage every stage of your project:

  • Clinical trial strategy
  • Trial design and protocol
  • Regulatory submissions
  • KOL / patient recruitment
  • Commercial optimization
  • Smart decision making based on access to early data

Tell us about your oncology trial

Putting people first in your oncology trial

We believe in building strong, transparent, and compassionate relationships to help us uncover people’s and businesses’ true needs. This means understanding your needs as the sponsor, and the patients’ needs as your trial participants and the beneficiaries of your intervention.

To do this, we provide:

  • Access to patients and successful ways of engaging with them
  • Relationships with oncology sites to optimize feasibility and recruitment
  • Successful patient enrolment on time

We adopt a collaborative one-team approach that brings together our experience and expertise so we can share responsibility and strive for excellence in achieving your goals.

We want to help you deliver life-changing therapies to patients. Let’s work together to transform tomorrow with care. 

How can we support your oncology trial?