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Our vision

For us, excellence lies in the perfect marriage between expertise and support.

Achieving new advances in the field of healthcare depends on many factors. This includes the discovery of new molecules, new vaccines, new treatments, but also a better understanding of patient behaviors, a continuous control of regulations, and expertise in research development.

Excelya are Proud to be a Contract Research Organization (CRO)

CROs are at the forefront of this challenge. They are the guarantors of the performance of solutions that will meet the expectations of patients and the medical community tomorrow. Clinical research requires flawless execution. Healthcare companies want to be able to entrust their projects to committed, reliable, expert and responsible partners who will help them bring their products to-market quickly and safely.

Good partners exist, but the CRO of tomorrow is the one that goes further. It commits, accepts pharmaceutical responsibility, invests, takes ownership of the project, opens up opportunities, and proposes new and effective ways of meeting the need. It provides scientific and medical expertise, and actively listens to (and analyses) the issues entrusted to it, and composes a response adapted to any particularities of the project at hand.

Excellence is the unreserved commitment that Excelya cultivates.


Our promise

“Excelling with care”

We provide our clients with the best scientific and human skills to lead the development of their projects. We are active in the fields of clinical operations, biometrics, regulatory affairs, medical writing, data science and pharmacovigilance.

‘Excelling with care’ means being fully committed to all projects, regardless of the type of intervention:

  • In the appropriation of their challenges: we establish the conditions for a relationship of trust and proximity and work in a collaborative, fluid, and transparent manner.
  • In the construction of our responses: global and complete, built in a spirit of cooperation and transversality, they challenge the demand and explore the most effective possibilities.
  • In the provision of talents that share a culture of initiative, application, and expertise.
  • In the flexibility of our methods: they adapt entirely to the configuration of the project, with the only consideration being the specific support of the client’s needs.

We offer our collaborators a human and authentic experience within a young and ambitious healthcare company that is becoming a leader in clinical research in Europe. Excelya develops, in connection with experts, scientific, managerial, and human know-how that contributes to better take into account patients’ expectations.

Living by Our Values

‘Excelling with care’ means benefiting from a stimulating professional environment that encourages personal, intellectual, and operational involvement so that together we can offer the best. We expect each employee to propose, test, and take the extra step towards optimal performance. Working at Excelya means having the means to express one’s natural talents, to develop one’s full potential and to be able to invest all that one’s personality brings to bear.


Our Business Story

Entrepreneurial DNA

Founded in 2014 by two engineer friends, Excelya is a unique model among contract research organizations in the healthcare sector.

With nearly 800 employees and very strong growth over the past 6 years, Excelya offers an original customer and HR approach. This ‘excelling with care’ approach reintroduces the benefits of listening to customers, as well as having initiative and ambition for excellence within a regulated environment where operational and scientific rigor are paramount.

A European Identity

Now present in multiple countries in Europe and with a global reach, Excelya have established and dedicated teams across France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, India, The UK and beyond. This local knowledge and expertise allows us to give authentic insight into local laws and legislations, provide content in multiple languages, and offer a wider economic offering. Excelya are constantly taking steps to celebrate their authentic European-centered international identity

Our Added Value

With Excelya, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, academic research organizations, and patient associations can benefit from a global response to their development needs in the clinical, biometrics, regulatory affairs, medical writing, data science, and pharmacovigilance fields. But above all, they benefit from an unparalleled degree of intellectual and operational involvement.

Excelyates have a strong culture of going beyond. They can take ownership of the issues, challenging the demands and investing themselves beyond the role of a simple partner to guarantee excellence in customer service.

This is how Excelya is progressively gaining the trust of European and international healthcare companies and have ambitions to become the leading independent CRO in Europe.


The ‘Excelyattitude’

Our values, our personality traits

Excellence: We pay the utmost attention to the trust placed in us by our clients and do our utmost to deserve it every day. Our clients subcontract the clinical phases of their research to us; however, we do not behave only as subcontractors.

We do everything we can to ensure that, thanks to us, they do things faster, but also differently and better. If clients have complete confidence in Excelya, it is because we clearly explain the method, the objectives, the means, the price, the risks… Our language is simple and direct: we say what we are doing, why we are doing it, how we are doing it.

Expertise, ready to go

Through Excelya, clients gain access to our 800-strong force of experts, and a dedicated Europe-wide, multilingual recruitment team who are committed to sourcing the best talent for your study’s needs. It goes without saying that most drug companies do not have these resources in house, so gaining access to these capabilities in a strategic and efficient way helps them get essential drugs to-market, faster. We have the teams and the processes to enable your clinical trial is managed expertly. That is Excelya’s principal added-value.

Transparency is essential in our sector and we can guarantee it because we are confident in the quality of our service offer, in our experience and in our collaborators.

A Culture of Excellence

Because in our business, excellence is not just an option, we expect everyone to excel. We owe it to ourselves and to our clients.

That is why we offer our team members long term career options, despite being assigned to missions that are often project-based by nature. Our experts can expect to grow and develop within Excelya, which allows us to then pass on that knowledge and experience to our clients.


Initiative: Excelya was born from the desire to create a company with a strong sense of belonging.

We attach great importance to team spirit, so that collaboration and support among Excelyates are a strength in the service of our collective performance. We are committed to ensuring that everyone finds their place within the company.

We are pouring a lot of effort into our sustainability and ethical practices, and have committed to become a greener business with an inclusive and nurturing environment for employees and our wider community. We believe that communication, awareness and dedication is at the heart of this initiative, and are dedicated to grow and expand in this area over the coming months and years.

At Excelya, employees have the right and the duty to propose, challenge and reinvent themselves with each project.


Excelya, a Global Brand

Excelya is a unique model among clinical development companies serving the healthcare industry. As the only independent European CRO (Contract Research Organization) to offer the full range of services under all modes of cooperation, Excelya composes tailor-made technical responses that perfectly match the specificity of its clients’ projects and puts its strong entrepreneurial spirit at their service.

At the heart of our approach: understanding of needs, capacity for initiative, a taste for efficiency, in addition to a perfect operational, scientific, and regulatory rigor. This professional and human attitude is what we cultivate in our 800 employees, who are trained to work with the utmost personality and commitment. We mobilize for our clients the best scientific and human skills in the clinical, biometrics, regulatory affairs, medical writing, data science and pharmacovigilance fields.

It is with this superior level of involvement that advances in healthcare can be achieved. It is because we can provide it that Excelya is growing so rapidly and aims to become the leading independent CRO in Europe.


Excelya. Excelling with care.


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