Strategic Development & Governance

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Our philosophy

Partnering our clients in their Strategic development

Excelya support our clients’ Clinical operations and Data management departments with a large amount of mission types bringing two major benefits.
We create tailor-made recruitment plans that not only match the required hard skills but also adapt to the very culture of our clients’.

This results in maximising resources with stable, partnering and easy-to-work-with teams that adapt all along the contract whatever the new challenges, constraints with evolutive service models.
Our clients usually acknowledge the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of our people for the added value and agility they bring in the projects.
Our goal: always acting with proximity, transparency and proactivity.

Feasibility & Clinical Study Design

Our project manager panel operates on pre-determined or per volume terms with managerial models allowing operational and geographical autonomy. This approach helps us to define a deliverables catalogue benefitting from client input and governance documents.

The team is led by an Excelya manager and includes a global project manager for international trials, vendor management plus comprehensive activities (CTMS designer and CTA), a global supply manager and champions. Together, they deliver: – a broad reach approach with Full Services Phases I to IV, ATU / RTU management; 

– a comprehensive quality system,
– support in a GDPR context
– overall customer development initiatives.

This organization generates inter-team synergy (mentoring / lessons to learn) leading to ongoing improvements in customer processes. This is made possible by flexible and adaptive resource management with strong team spirit – generating fast and qualitative recruitment. An approach leading to positive loop interactions (DM, STAT, MW, PM, AP, ARC, PV) and valuable team field experience.

The first CRO on the market offering platforms with OpExC or CLS service lines plus Full Service, dynamic management, outstanding business expertise, system quality and support functions delivering optimal service.

Site Selection & Clinical Study Start Up

The phase of selecting centers is of prime importance so that enough centres can be operational to manage the number of patients expected selection phase is essential to ensure the involvement of centers that will include the number of patients expected on time, and in accordance with the study protocol. The challenge of the launch phases is also to obtain regulatory authorizations through the presentation of a well-constructed submission file, and to enable launch in the investigation centers according to the study schedule.

Our success stories

55 missions for a long term partnership

For a major global pharmaceutical laboratory, Excelya has set a specific recruitment plan leading to a partnership with 55 missions including implementation of a new service model.

a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit. The involvement of their employees in business projects