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CRO Neuroscience Services

Neuroscience diseases are spreading rapidly, particularly among steadily growing elderly populations, making studies increasingly complex. However, Excelya has extensive experience in psychiatric, pain and neurological fields.

Our added value relys on taking particular care when enrolling patients, ensuring protocol compliance throughout the trial or setting the relevant diagnosis.
Above all, as neurological studies become increasingly complex, our aim is to minimise any additional burden on patients and caregivers so that the studies can take place under the best possible conditions for all involved.

Excelya's Perimeter

Excelya’s expert teams cover the main fields of Central Nervous System research:
Neurology: Alzheimer’s, Parkingson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.
Psychiatry: Schizophrenia, Addictions, Depressive Disorders, etc.

Our project teams, therapeutic experts, investigator and broad KOL networks manage clinical research projects that adapt to your goals and specific culture to meet your expectations in terms of time, quality and budget.

Putting Patients and Caregivers First

Our experts and project managers know how to handle with CNS complexity from a scientific standpoint and even more so from the human perspective:

  • lack of awareness and cultural barriers depending on country and social environement
  • lack of reliable biomarkers
  • extreme burden for caregivers and the patients themselves

This is why we only recruit experienced and dedicated people to carry out CNS research.
They can manage Clinical Research on all 4 phases as extensions of our sponsors’ own teams or rescue failing trials at any stage to help providing patients with the best and most efficient product or device possible, as fast as possible.