Professional Equality Gender index 2022

Excelya>Professional Equality Gender Index 2022

By Philomène SAMMARCELLI – Chief People Officer

We are proud of our Professional Equality Gender index for 2022!

In our ongoing efforts to promote gender equality and foster diversity, we are monitoring the French index égapro to assess and prioritize gender parity and inclusivity in our practices.
The Professional Equality Index has been designed to help companies achieve equal pay for men and women. It provides a transparent way of measuring pay gaps between gender, and highlights areas for improvement.

Our overall rate is 89%

This Index evaluates various aspects, including:

  • Pay Equity: There is equal compensation for equivalent work, regardless of gender: 39/40
  • Salary increase equity: There is salary increase regardless of gender: 20/20
  • Promotion rate: There is the same promotion rate, regardless of gender: 15/15
  • Maternity Salary increase: are employees back from maternity increased in the next year? 15/15
  • Gender balance in the 10 highest compensation**: How equitably are our highest positions distributed among genders? 0/10

We are proud to share this index, recognizing our good equality gender practices, honoring our commitment to be an equitable company.