Professional Equality Gender Index 2023

Excelya>Professional Equality Gender Index 2023

By Philomène SAMMARCELLI – Chief People Officer

As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting fairness and equal treatment for men and women in the workplace, we carefully monitor the French Equality Gender Index (Egapro).

This Index is a tool used to measure and analyze gender pay gaps within our company and identify areas for improvement.

Following our good achievement in 2022 with an index of 89/100, we are thrilled to announce that our efforts continued to bear fruit in 2023, resulting in an impressive overall index of 93/100!

This Index evaluates various factors, including:

  • Pay Equity: Ensuring equal compensation for equivalent work, regardless of gender, resulting in a score of 38/40.
  • Salary Increase Equity: Providing salary increases regardless of gender, achieving a perfect score of 20/20.
  • Promotion Rate: Maintaining an equal promotion rate, regardless of gender, earning a score of 15/15.
  • Maternity Salary Increase: Ensuring employees returning from maternity leave receive salary increases within the year, achieving a score of 15/15.
  • Gender Balance in the Top 10 Highest Compensated Positions: Assessing the equitable distribution of our highest positions among genders, resulting in a score of 5/10.

We are proud to share these results, which emphasize our commitment to gender equality and highlight our efforts to create a fair and inclusive workplace environment.