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Our philosophy

Vendors aligned to your objectives

Our comprehensive central services solution aligns all of your vendors to work together towards your objective. Our Contributors find simplicity within complexity.

We leverage a functional and organizational “Deliverables” model implemented in Trial Operations called Vendor Management and Oversight (VMO). This model deploys dedicated specialized Contributors for each centralized activity of the study covered by VMO.

These activities include:

  • Central Laboratory Services (CLS)
  • Bioanalytical & Local Labs
  • IRT
  • COA and eCOA
  • Home health services / Home nursing
  • Central Reading (imaging)
  • Cardiac Safety
  • RespiratoryActigraphy
  • eConsent

Features of our VMO contributors

CROSS-DISCIPLINARY: Have cross-disciplinary view across multiple therapeutic areas and are part of the Study team.
SPECIALIZED: Service experts specialized in managing their activities across studies.
FLEXIBLE: Flexible working patterns to cover multiple time zones.
COVERAGE: Are typically involved in several studies.
TASK-ORIENTED: Work based on a specific list of tasks which defines their scope.
EXCELYATES: Are Excelya employees and we will indemnify clients against co-employment risk.

Case Study: Top 5 Pharma

Decreased costs by 16%

We assessed all vendors and scope of work to harmonize resources and reduce study costs by 16%.

Optimized time by 10%, twice

In the first 18 months, we optimized time spent by 10%.
Another 18 months later, we had optimized by another 10%.

Day in the life

VMO Contributor Juliette Guyonnaud

Juliette joined the Vendor Management & Oversight (VMO) team two years ago, with a positioning on the Interactive Response Technology (IRT) activity on several studies for a Top 10 pharma client.

Read more about her experience

In two years, the client has entrusted 10 activities to our team which has doubled to 50 people and we have forged strong relationships, which creates a positive environment, beneficial to all.