General Medicine

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Full-Service CRO for general medicine clinical research

As a full-service CRO, we cover a large number of therapeutic specific categories such as oncology, cardiovascular, dermatology. But we also partner with our sponsors to help them in more general medical discovery research and clinical development.

Our goal: contribute to reduce their go-to-market time and to offer patients added value solutions to improve their day to day lives, while secure our sponsors’ budget and meeting their quality level of expectations.

We manage studies from Phase I to Phase IV, on drugs, devices and combined reasearch on drugs and device, so our sponsors can rely on us to determine the real potential and threats to prepare for market authorization and commercialization.

High level of quality and commitment

Excelya bring on-time, on-budget and on-quality clinical research, with a special care about:

  • the selection of expert team amongst project managers, research specialists, scientists, clinicians, medical experts, and more
  • proactive planning of every trial milestone
  • the selection of highly qualified sites and patients populations according to relevant enrollment goals, in Europe, Americas and a network of strategic partners to cover Asia.

A combination of human expertise and technology

We adapt our team, method and organization to meet your own specific culture. Our team members act as an extension of our sponsors’ ones, sharing same goals and challenges, so our research process guarantee a high quality and accuracy.

We exploit the most advanced solutions in terms of methods and technologies to lead the trials but also to select the right site and the relevant cohort of patients, broadly using data management.

Our teams are familiar with local standards of care, practices and regulations.


Patient first

To help our sponsors succeed, the one value is the patient, either as a prevention, well-being or treatment helper.
Consequently, we develop agile and flexible methods, combining patients’ trials, data analysis and technology check in order to help our sponsors bring safe and efficient solutions into this new highly complex market.