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Innovative Cardiovascular Clinical Research

Although a preventable disease, numbers of Cardiovascular deaths continue to grow worldwide. More than ever before, there is now an increasing need for new approaches, methods and technologies from the pharmaceutical industry, device manufacturers and CROs.

Excelya has completed a great deal of Clinical Research into morbidity and mortality like diabetes or metabolic syndromes such as coronary artery disease, hypertension, etc.

As Cardiovascular disease is one of our major fields of expertise, our internal expert teams cover all necessary disciplines: CP, STAT, DM etc. From protocol designs to implementation and study reports, we carry out every stage of a fully comprehensive research programme, focusing our energy on building the relevant expert teams and calling for any required innovative process or technology.

Phases I to IV Cardiovascular Trials

Excelya expert teams have conducted a large number of Phase I to IV cardiovascular trials for drugs, medical devices or combined drugs and devices, including:

  • MG network management
  • Cohort studies
  • Board management and DMCs
  • Adjudication committees and Clinical Endpoint Committee (CEC) management

Our goal: to deliver on-time, on-budget and on-quality clinical research enhanced by the commitment, passion and innovative mindset of our expert and project teams.

Innovation and Technology

As numbers of cardiovascular disease risks are constantly growing, technologies and methods must adapt to take these changes into account. To ensure a high level of study reliability we exploit any possible innovation that can contribute to our trials’ success:

  • Our team has managed to keep more than 90% of patients on study for remote clinical trials while continuing to recruit patients for ongoing studies.
  • Use of connected devices including direct to patient shipping of investigational products, organizing in-home infusion of IV drugs to avoid visits to medical centers
  • Web recruitment tools and technology, recruitment targeted advertising, etc.

Excelya does of course have a large department devoted to Data Science to meet the needs of Data Lack.