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Digital health research expertise

With 75 billion connected devices by 2025, at least half of these will aim to become part of an e-health or m-health logic. Being the convergence of health-related sciences and digital technology, this fast growing market is an opportunity not only for the tradition health companies but also for technology and pure players, making the battle even tougher.
Excelya offers all type of sponsors a large range of missions and services for their Digital Health projects with a strong focus on patients’ benefits and usage.

Behind technology solutions, there’s a real-life reality depending on the relevance of the digital health device or software, but also on its affordability and usability. That’s why focusing on the patients’ side is a key added value that Excelya aims to déliver to its sponsors and clients.

Pluri-disciplinary teams

Our digital health dedicated team is composed to address all the aspects of the new born type of health solutions:

  • Data scientist,
  • Project managers,
  • Digital experts,
  • Telecommunication experts,
  • Programmers,
  • Technicians,
  • Lawyers.

Focusing on efficiency,usability and regulation

Digital Health sets three major stakes to the players, even more due to the fact that it is a rather new market, it ofter implyes usage complexity and change and, last but not least, it deals with personal data in a context of growing regulations and high worldwide population sensitivity.

That’s why our main focus and added value when managing digital health research projects is the human and regulatory aspect of our sponsors’ devices or softwares.
Understanding their needs, the usage they get of it, identifying technological or regulatory obstacles are key concerns for our expert teams.