What we live for

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Our values and personality

The 'Excelyattitude'

Excellence: We pay the greatest attention to the trust our customers place in us and do all we can to earn that trust every single day. They outsource the clinical phases of their research to us, but we are much more than mere subcontractors.

We do everything possible to help them accelerate these critical phases, while at the same time working differently and more efficiently. Our customers have total confidence in Excelya because we are perfectly transparent when it comes to methods, objectives, means, costs and risks. Our language is straightforward and direct: we say what we do, why we do it and how we do it.

This transparency is key in our sector and we can guarantee it because we have total confidence in our service quality offering, experience and team members.

In our business, excellence is not an option. We know that every Excelyate will go that extra mile. We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to our customers.

Becoming an initiator

Your Exalting Project

At Excelya, everyone has the opportunity of initiating a YEP (Your Exalting Project) – a project enabling other Excelyates to be involved in an initiative driving a particular field of expertise, whether it be scientific, technical or personal.

This can involve a conference about a new molecule, dance lessons, contributing to a collective painting, launching a Regulatory Affairs newsletter or organizing a treasure hunt at the Louvre museum. YEPs are as far-reaching as they are varied, stimulating the Excelya attitude and encouraging participants to be prepared for the unexpected spark we can all experience under the right conditions.

Team members who launch a YEP become involved in growing the company intellectually, personally and operationally. In doing so, they benefit the entire Excelya community.