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Ina Ott day in the life article

Today we hear from Ina Ott, DACH region Business Development Director for Excelya, about joining the business at such a crucial time, as well as her ambitions to boost the continued growth in the key DACH CRO markets of Germany, Austria, the German-speaking region of Switzerland, and beyond.


Since joining Excelya as a freelance Business Developer for the DACH region in March 2021, I have seen so much happen in such a short time.

Multiple acquisitions, new hires, expanding operational regions, functional expansions and more… as well as huge working culture changes, mainly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flexible Working

Working from home has become a part of the everyday routine for so many people since early 2020, but at Excelya it’s something that has become woven into our company culture and ongoing point of view. After initially being ‘forced’ to work from home due to the sanitary crisis, Excelya’s executive team quickly realised how beneficial it can be for teammates to be able to enjoy a more flexible and high-potential way of working.

Rather than leaving us feeling disconnected from colleagues, these global circumstances have accelerated the global acceptance and embracing of technological innovations as the norm. This has meant that fully remote roles have become more commonplace, and is, for me, one of the major benefits of working at Excelya.

Not only do I work fully remotely, I also work on a freelance basis. This means that I am able to work flexibly without traditional office hours or a conventional employment structure. This indeed means that my working hours can span across a 24-hour period, but the autonomy I am able to sustain over my day and my time is invaluable to me. I can scale up or down my working times and hours to accommodate for other personal commitments. For example, right now I have been spending time looking after my dog who is recovering from surgery. He is quite the assistant!

Team Expansion

Business Development Manager Leif Sprenger joined the DACH team only one month after me and was a very welcome addition to the team. Also based remotely like myself, we have developed quite an energetic team dynamic and are very optimistic about the future of Excelya DACH. The team is due to grow even further very shortly!

Leif and I collaborate almost exclusively by digital means. Microsoft Teams, email and phone call keep us connected, and we speak on a nearly daily basis. But most of the rest of the Excelya Germany team are based in the Excelya offices in the south, which we were fortunate enough to visit in the beginning of July 2021. Digital communication is at the centre of Excelya’s business globally, but there’s still something to be said for getting together in person and catching up over a coffee.

Our line manager David is based in the Excelya Paris office, who I have only met in person once so far! Normally in the Business Development world I would expect to travel much more for work, both to meet with clients and to collaborate with colleagues, but this has been put on hold due to the pandemic. I am very much looking forward to being able to travel more freely and meet more and more of my colleagues in person, once it is safer to do so.

A Focus on Germany

Development of the German Excelya market is a core focus not only for me and my team, but for the business as a whole. Excelya are very well established in the French market but following multiple acquisitions and explosive growth over the past two years, we are resolved to extend that success onto other key markets in Europe. As such, it’s natural that we set our eyes to Germany, one of the biggest pharmaceutical markets in Europe.

We hope to become a household name in the CRO German market, to continue to grow and establish the German-based team, and to hold a presence in both digital and physical spaces in the German pharmaceutical community.

This year we are making a start by exhibiting at the Deutsche Biotechnologietage (German Biotech Days) and Outsourcing in Clinical Trials DACH events this coming Autumn. We have also been working on our digital and print media strategy for the coming years. It’s an exciting time and I’m eager to amplify the distribution of our products to the German market.

Another large part of my role will be travelling and being present at tradeshows and conferences. As I have already mentioned, I love to meet and connect with people in real life. I think it’s especially important in the world of networking and business development as there is no replacement for shaking hands with a customer and sharing the Excelya message via a sincere and open conversation.

As such I am very much looking forward to trade shows finally reopening – as I believe that trade shows are going to be a core vehicle for us to connect with new potential clients.


For more information about how Excelya can help you achieve your operational clinical trial goals, schedule a meeting with Ina and Leif at one of our upcoming trade shows Deutsche Biotechnologietage (booth number 17) or Outsourcing in Clinical Trials DACH (booth number 33).

Contact Ina: info.de@excelya.com or call +49 171 2304849