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Day in the life with Evert Cuppens

Today we are discussing with Excelya Managing Director Evert Cuppens how his role and department has changed and adapted over the past 1-2 years, and how continued business growth and change will make Excelya an even better place to work.


Excelya are at somewhat of a fork in the road when it comes to their development. Having undergone some significant changes in structure and explosive growth, particularly in 2020 with multiple acquisitions and a significant increase in business size, we are quickly gaining momentum and expanding into multiple European markets.

Having been part of the journey of Excelya’s well-established presence in the Dutch and Belgian markets for quite a few years now, I am currently overseeing the Excelya BENELUX region. However, in the rapidly evolving environment we find ourselves in right now, my role is developing on a seemingly daily basis as our operational areas and strategies expand.

As Excelya is now an increasingly international business, with offices, freelancers and remote colleagues based across Europe, as an organisation we have massively benefitted from the ‘work from home’ revolution of 2020. Video conferences have now become a daily occurrence for many within the company, with meetings now conducted online seamlessly from Greece to Belgium, France and beyond. Company-wide we use Microsoft Teams, which has been indispensable during the internationalisation process of Excelya since our colleagues are now so widespread, and during the COVID-19 pandemic with so many Excelyates working from home.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Excelya BENELUX team have been working from home almost full time. Thankfully, Excelya and our partners have fully-embraced the “new normal” and we have become increasingly comfortable with using more and more digital forms of communication and conference calls.

These days my direct interaction with clients is reduced, my role instead revolving around empowering the Clinical Operations unit to support their PM/CTAs/CRAs and subsequent teams. The BENELUX team are highly competent and able to independently deal with almost any issues they encounter, but they know I am always available should they need any support.

My highest priority is to share learnings across the department. Be it following a success or setback, I always look for every opportunity where we can learn and improve. My principal aim is to get the best out of every individual, and to help all team members develop their careers, build experience and grow.

At Excelya we are proud of maintaining the human aspect of our business, as at the end of the day we are a ‘people’ company. Our people are by far our greatest asset. We have a focus on growing and developing all our Excelyates, with a focus on community and making sure that Excelya continues to be a wonderful and enriching place to work.

My dream would be for Excelya to be internationally known as an attractive company to work for and grow within.

It’s important to us that we continue to attract the best talent and keep developing our gifted team members on an ongoing basis. Business growth is an essential part of this, since as our network of clients multiplies, so will the career development opportunities that we will be able to offer our Excelyates over the long term.