Aligning Vendors with Juliette Guyonnaud

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I joined the Vendor Management & Oversight (VMO) team two years ago, with a positioning on the Interactive Response Technology (IRT) activity on several studies for a Top 10 pharma client. As a junior vendor manager, I asked my colleagues a lot of questions to understand the daily tasks quickly and efficiently. A senior Excelyate coached me through my first IRT setup. This operation allows us to save time by leaning on the Excelya team rather than starting from scratch or taking up the time of our client.

Today, I am autonomous in the IRT activity and the roles have been reversed. I can answer questions and guide more junior colleagues. I have since taken on other activities, such as Respiratory and Cardiac Safety. But what has remained unchanged is the close collaboration within the team. We support each other on a day-to-day basis to form a solid, reliable, expert backbone for the studies in our care. Our client trusts us to make the right decisions because they have repeatedly experienced the strength of our team.

Communicate like Champions

Jointly with the client, we have set up working groups by activity to communicate more easily. In IRT for example, we have a monthly meeting with all Excelya’s VMO members and subject matter experts. This allows us to understand the client’s new standards or procedures implemented onsite, share current issues and agree on the best strategy to resolve them. That way, everyone has all of the information they might not even know they needed! For example, I detected an anomaly during a user acceptance test on one of my studies by pure chance. I realized that, unfortunately, this same anomaly could occur in any study with the provider concerned. I shared this lesson at our IRT Champion Meeting so that everyone could quickly check and resolve the anomaly in other studies if necessary.

Our platform layout brings flexibility

Our organization as a platform allows us great flexibility to better dispatch workloads and manage peaks of activity. Take the Covid crisis, for example. Very quickly, the client asked us to take charge of new technical studies with tighter timelines. By working on a plateau, our managers have an overall vision and can distribute the studies according to the client’s needs. They have been able to position the most experienced people on Covid studies because other VMO contributors have in return taken over some of their current studies.

This platform operation is beneficial to the client, Excelya and each member of the VMO. In two years, the client has entrusted 10 activities to our team which has doubled to 50 people and we have forged strong relationships, which creates a positive environment, beneficial to all.

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